Juvenile Law

Youth leaning against a tree - Juvenile LawA juvenile law practice isn’t simply about kids getting into trouble. Our most vulnerable persons need a strong advocate whether facing a judge or dealing with serious troubles at home. Our attorneys have experience fighting for the rights of juveniles. We do our best to get kids a full and fair hearing when faced with criminal charges.

Our staff experience in criminal law extends to juveniles. We understand the juvenile justice system and can deal with prosecutors when kids make mistakes. We will fight to ensure that mistakes like getting caught with controlled substances or misdemeanor citations don’t permanently stain a kid’s record and ultimately wreck their lives. Pennington Law attorneys will work with young people in need of a criminal lawyer every step of the way to make sure the police, prosecutors and judges treat our clients fairly. If necessary, we will attempt to get juveniles into programs to avoid jail time and clear their record.

Our attorneys can deal with these sensitive matters with compassion, keeping the child’s best interest as a priority. We will ensure the kid doesn’t become a victim by being treated poorly by the juvenile justice system.

It is extremely important that any juvenile facing interaction with law enforcement or officers of the court have competent, caring representation. Kids shouldn’t be coerced into speaking to the police without a lawyer present.

We can also help with problems your child may face in the education system when criminal offenses arise or when the school district alleges a violation of school rules or policies. We will negotiate your child’s school suspensions and challenge school districts when your child has been wrongly accused or is dealing with disciplinary issues at school. If you are in Round Rock or Austin, TX, and you need assistance with Juvenile law, call the offices of Pennington Law PLLC as soon as possible.

Types of Cases

  • Detention Hearings
  • Adjudication Hearings
  • Disposition Hearings
  • Investigations
  • Motions to Modify Disposition
  • School Suspensions
  • Certifications for Adult Court
  • Truancy
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Sealing Records
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