Hired Jessica in a complicated family law case. She worked hard and fought for my rights as a dad and her and her staff were available then and still are now. I recommend her to anyone and would hire her again if I needed to.

I’ve had a few lawyers for a few different cases, pricing was fair and I got the representation that I needed. I would recommend Tyler to anyone in need of a down to earth defense attorney.

Tyler is an outstanding lawyer. He was thorough in both his understanding of my needs and goals with my case and was able to help me understand anything I was not clear on in regards to the lengthy and confusing legal process. He was always there and made a significant difference in the outcome of my case. I have unfortunately been involved with several legal teams and Pennington Law is by far the most skilled and appreciated I’ve hired.

My husband and I hired Tyler for a modification hearing for Child support. After hearing our situation, he was confident that we had a strong enough case to go for full custody to get my stepson. He respected all our decisions, and was fully prepared at the hearing. We got exactly what we wanted at the end of the day. Thank you Tyler!

I first met Tyler, and his staff, the summer of 2015. My ex filed for custody of our son, and he was over $19,000 behind in child support. My ex has always been very aggressive and intimidating. Tyler, and those in his office, took care of everything for me. I felt comfortable every step of the way. If there was something that I didn’t understand, things were explained and my nervousness was put to ease. I have spoken to other attorneys before, and never felt like they were really on my team, until now.
Tyler was aggressive, yet fair. I appreciated that he was honest with me about the case. (If there was something I wanted, or didn’t want, he never gave me false hope.).
By the end of things, I ended up winning my case, and walked away with more than I expected. I am more than pleased with the work done by Tyler, Jessi, and Geoff. I will forever be grateful!!

Tyler has great family values and expects parents to be responsible for their children. My child support case was handled in a quick and professional manner. He is fair and consistent with his messages in court. Excellent attorney.
–S. A.

“Great attorney with morals who will staunchly represent his clients.” “Tyler represented me in a deceptive trade practices claim and a breach of contract suit. He was a staunch supporter of my position and helped me reach an amicable settlement with having to go to court. He is both trustworthy and thorough. I have already recommended his services to others.”
–J. A.

While going thru a heart breaking custody battle, I hired Tyler Pennington to represent me. When first retaining Tyler, I had no idea how blessed and fortunate that I was about to be to have his representation. As most know, going thru something like this, is not easy however, if you are on this unfortunate journey and you want someone that is going to actually care about your case not just the money, you want Tyler as your attorney. He and his team have gone above and beyond for me and displayed so many acts of kindness, compassion and empathy. Tyler and Joanna are not only educated and wise with how to handle difficult cases, but they are two of the best people I have ever met in my life. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and my case! They are always available and very easy to get ahold of. They have provided me with their cell phone numbers, as well as been there for me on weekends when I needed them. What attorney does that? NONE! I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for all that you have done and continue to do for me. I am forever grateful and I want the world to know how amazing you guys are! Thank you, Thank you!

I met Tyler by a friend. At first I was nervous b/c last Atty didn’t do a very good job and that’s why I ended up hiring Tyler. Anyways Tyler was very pleasant, professional and had alot of knowledge and did what I hired him for and came out better than I expected.

Tyler handled my child support case. He was very diligent and attentive. Tyler is not the type of attorney that look at his clients as just a case number, he takes great pride in his work and I had his undivided attention when we were in court. He’s very knowledgeable and I’m happy he represented me.

I first hired Mr. Pennington after my first hearing that I lost. After hiring him, my second hearing was a blissful experience the way he handled the opposing attorney and made clear all of the facts. He continues to be doing a great job in my ongoing case. I feel safe in his hands. In my books, he is a young but top-notch trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable professional with integrity and a good moral compass. I highly recommend him for your next case.

To say that Mr. Pennington has helped my daughter and family is a severe understatement. Nearly one year ago, I sought legal counsel to help me sustain an appropriate custody agreement, with my former spouse, for my daughter with very special needs. I was up against an extremely adversarial situation with my ex-husband who is still active duty – this was one of the darkest times of our lives. Not only was I dealing with the everyday responsibilities of being a full time employee and student, I was also under tremendous stress between the doctors and the school district in regards to my daughter’s special needs. I was living in California at the time; therefore, I had quite a bit of research to do in finding the best lawyer for my case, but in the state of Texas. After countless phone calls, ridiculous quotes, and in-compassionate individuals, I FINALLY came across Mr. Tyler Pennington. He was beyond compassionate, empathetic, and sincere in all of my encounters with him. Mr. Pennington returned all of my phone calls on time, if not earlier than promised, and put up with all of my bazillion questions, worries, and concerns. When I finally met with him in Texas, he was so PLEASANT and VERY PUNCTUAL!! He was VERY PROFESSIONAL but also VERY DOWN TO EARTH!! He explained everything to me in “normal people” terms, and was VERY PATIENT throughout the entire ordeal. Many tears were shed, BUT…..Mr. Pennington brought out the SUNSHINE!!!! He remained FOCUSED, CONFIDENT, and IN FORMED during the entire court hearing! I could not have asked for a better attorney. I felt much RELIEF and GRATITUDE as the case came to an emotional end, WE WON!!! (in the eyes of the court) BUT FOR ME, I GOT TO KEEP CUSTODY OF THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN THE WORLD TO ME, MY DAUGHTER!!!!

Tyler Pennington’s work is remarkable. He has all the attributes I expected in a good lawyer: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. I called upon Mr. Pennington to represent myself in the court of law to help get the parental rights that I deserve. Not only did I obtain these rights but I have sense gained primary conservatorship of both of my children. Each child being a separate case. I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Mr. Tyler Pennington. I express deep gratitude for the legal support he provided during this time.

Tyler plays hardball fairly. You want him on your side when it matters, especially, when you have too much to lose. Having Tyler represent me in Court made me feel secure against those that could care less about my best interest or those of our child. You need this during times like these. Tyler brings knowledge and experience, and isn’t afraid to do the right thing.

Tyler Pennington was always prepared and on time. He answered all of my questions – some even before I asked them. He promptly returns phone calls and is very attentive. Standing before the judge to answer every question the other side threw at him looked effortless when Tyler did it. He obviously knew my case inside and out and never failed to file every sliver of paper necessary to complete my case. He always made sure we had no surprises in court. When Tyler had to communicate with other parties to deal with my case (guardian ad litem, for example), he handled himself perfectly. I am more than pleased with Tyler and the work he did for me. He saved my life!

When I found Tyler, I was on my third attorney, trying to get custody of my children. After my ex moved them out of state during an open custody case without any notification, I was unable to have my regular visitation and saw them once in 7 months. I felt that no one was willing to help me fight for them. I was told by my previous lawyer I just needed to accept that they were gone. I wasn’t willing to do that. After my first meeting with Tyler, I knew that he cared about my family. I knew he understood that my children deserved a better life and was willing to help me fight for that. Within two months of Tyler taking my case, custody was signed over to me. Six weeks later, they were in my arms. I could not be more thankful for Tyler’s help and for his dedication to my case.

Tyler helped to make one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my life go smoothly. After interviewing several attorneys to help me with filing for divorce, I chose him for the job. Tyler’s vast knowledge helped to ensure that I made the best choices in regards to protection for my child and I. He kept me informed of all of my options, educated me on the process, and was very responsive to all of my questions and concerns. With confidence, I refer him to family and friends that need legal representation for family law issues. A big thanks to Tyler for helping to bring me peace in a time of turmoil.