Greeting Box

The firm with a fresh perspective.

The attorneys at Pennington Law are providing clients in central Texas with caring, capable legal assistance. Our approach to the practice of law is unlike most firms in that we emphasize making our clients feel like more than just billable hours. We want to ensure that you can feel comfortable spending time with us, that you can communicate your issues and needs and let us help you make the best decisions going forward.

We’re a young firm; however, don’t mistake our youth, our emphasis on technology and client-centered approach for a lack of skill and experience. The Pennington Law associates are all tough-minded litigators and combatants for justice.

Our firm can handle a variety of legal matters. We are experienced in family law, criminal law, juvenile law, civil litigation and appeals. Pennington Law associates are ready to litigate cases, having argued before judges, juries, administrative hearings, and appellate courts.

If you need a law firm that is nimble enough for today’s fast-moving society, experienced enough to know how to fight for you and caring enough to make your case a priority, call Pennington Law. We can provide affordable legal services in Williamson and Travis County as well as other counties throughout Texas.