Civil Law

Civil LawThe central Texas area, including Austin, hosts some of the nation’s coolest high-tech employers, from Apple to Hewlett-Packard. The city also boasts a growing number of startup businesses. The area has a vibrant entertainment community as home of the South by Southwest film and music festivals, as well as Austin City Limits music festival.

The central Texas area is a hot bed of business opportunities, and our firm is prepared to help businesses prosper. Pennington Law attorneys are experienced in resolving disputes, negotiating contracts and protecting intellectual property, all imperative to succeeding in today’s economy. We employ the latest in technology in our practice, something that will save our clients’ money and precious time. With our emphasis on client comfort and service, we will make the complicated legal procedures less cumbersome for you so that you can focus on your business. And when all fails we are willing to go to bat for you and litigate to protect your business or personal investment.


We will be able to advise clients on the best business practices to stay in compliance with local, state and federal law, and will advocate vigorously for clients should problems arise. For those just starting out, we can advise on the incorporation strategy that works best for your business. Our services are affordable for new enterprises, and we are capable of handling concerns from businesses of any size or type.


The practice of entertainment law covers a variety of legal issues. Pennington Law is capable of assisting clients in many of those areas. The industry is highly regulated as any other, and knowledge of the law and regulations are a necessity. However, the entertainment business is unique in that a knowledge of how the business works is as important as knowing citations. The attorneys at Pennington Law have that knowledge and we will leverage our experience for your benefit.

We can negotiate contracts, and help ensure compliance with state law, federal law, and local ordinances. The entertainment law practice often entertains knowledge of intellectual property, publishing rights, and consignment rights. We can work with individual artists, production teams and technology companies. We know, as you do, that entertainment law is not all red carpet glamour; it takes hard work to get ahead in the industry. Let us advise you on how to protect your bottom line while you focus on the creative work ahead.


Your trademark is your unique identifier in the commercial world. Our lawyers can advise you on creating a distinctive mark and registering it under the federal code. Should another entity infringe on your trademark, we will protect your rights as creators. We can help protect your brand from dilution or blurring of your mark’s distinctiveness from bad actors trying to gain from what you’ve made. Should another confuse your distinctive mark with theirs, we will fight for you in court if you stand accused of trademark infringement.


In today’s technology driven market, copyright protection is one of the most volatile issues in the law. Pennington Law attorneys are constantly monitoring new legal developments and can assist with all aspects of copyright law. We can help you through the process of registering copyrightable work whether it’s a first-person shooter or the next hot property in the music industry. We’ll advise you on how to position your work to reap the greatest benefit through royalties and secure your work from infringement. Should some entity infringe on your hard-earned intellectual property, Pennington Law will be a tough litigation partner in protecting your interests in court. We can also defend you against charges you’ve infringed on the copyrighted works of another.

General Civil Litigation

Our goal for businesses and individuals is to advise you on strategies to avoid going to court. However, we’re among the most aggressive litigators you’ll find to fight on your behalf. As skilled negotiators, we may find common ground in a dispute and achieve an amicable solution before a trial is necessary. We recognize that the adversarial nature of legal battles may sever relationships and negatively affect your bottom line, and hope to avoid damaging your business reputation.

Yet, once our attorneys decide that resolving disputes in court is the best solution, we will devote our energy to seeking justice for you or your enterprise. We are skilled in the minutia of a solid lawsuit, pre-trial negotiations, jury selection, discovery, pre-trial motions and developing a solid strategy to support a winning argument. Should litigation elsewhere not work in your favor, we can help decide if the appeals process is right for you, and are well capable of handling appeals in the higher courts.

Whether you’re planning a startup business in Austin, TX, a concerned shareholder in Round Rock, or an individual that has been injured you should call our staff at Pennington Law. Take advantage of our high tech, progressive approach to the practice of law. Once you meet with us, we hope you’ll find us to be a pleasure to work with in an open, reassuring environment. We can create a long-term relationship that will serve you well in whatever endeavors you undertake.

Posted by: jorellana on June 16, 2016