Family Law

Family LawFamily law calls for the combination of compassionate, aggressive representation like no other aspect of the legal practice. We understand this well, and the Pennington Law team will do our best to provide clients with the personal attention your case needs.

Pennington Law can help clients begin new relationships with equitable pre-nuptial agreements, or help expand relationships by making the adoption process go smoothly. We can handle adoptions from foster care, domestic or international cases.

When partnerships have ended, Pennington Law can resolve matters without acrimony, making the best of a terrible situation. When emotions run hot, our attorneys can bring a rational solution to the table with our calm, logical approach. In community property states like Texas, the court will seek a just and equitable division of property after the marriage has ended. We will endeavor to produce a secure financial future for our client. Our attorneys are capable of negotiating a reasonable spousal maintenance amount if necessary.

When children are involved, our lawyers bring to bear our experience working with child and family law. We will be sensitive to the needs of all family members in providing the best outcome for the children who are bystanders when marriages or domestic partnerships end. Pennington Law staff will help both parties reach an agreement on custody if possible. We will aggressively pursue an outcome in the children’s best interest if the parties can’t come to an understanding.

With our progressive approach to the law, we encourage clients of all stripes to seek our services. We can deal with contemporary issues in family law from transracial adoptions to same-sex marriages. If you are in Williamson or Travis County, TX, and need a caring, experienced family attorney, call us at Pennington Law today for affordable legal assistance in domestic cases.

Posted by: jorellana on May 18, 2016